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Packbackers Boosters

Who Are The Packbackers?

The Centennial Coyotes Packbackers is a non-profit organization comprised of generous and loyal supporters dedicated to maintaining the gains that have been made with Centennial High School's Football program. We work together along with the players, coaches, community and school administration to raise funds for equipment, camps, tournaments, team meals and other football related expenses. Your contribution to the Centennial Coyotes Packbackers will support one of the most successful and admired programs in the state.

The Centennial Coyotes Packbackers is a great way for parents to get involved in the Centennial Coyotes Football Program and meet the other parents in a fun and rewarding environment. If you would like to get involved, please join us at our next meeting, or contact a Packbacker Board Member.

Chris Baker


Tara Gleash

Vice President

Tammy Jodarski


Lori Durfee


Phone: 623-326-1502

Angelica Salazar

Board Member

Patti Doran